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External System Integrations


UMLER: Universal Machine Language Equipment Register – is a source of specifications about railcars in use in North America.  R.I.M.S. can pull car specifications from this database on demand as railcars approach or arrive to your terminal.

Inbound Data Feeds

R.I.M.S. handles a variety of inbound data feeds for inventory notification.  These data feeds make it easy to import data for large volumes of inventory arrivals.

Microsoft Excel™

Throughout R.I.M.S. reports can be exported to Excel, as well as PDF and many other formats.  By design R.I.M.S. is written so you can get to your data and use it as best suits your needs.


TWM is enterprise management software for the surface transportation services industry.

  • During R.I.M.S. implementation companies (customers) are pulled from TMW making payer, shipper and consignee setup easy.
  • During R.I.M.S. implementation products are pulled from TMW making product setup easy.