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Five Data Export Options

  1. Customizable forms for work order printing, bills of lading, truck tickets and more come standard.
  2. Built-In Reports – these reports are part of R.I.M.S. and each one is a perfectly placed tool facilitating the use of R.I.M.S.
  3. Top Customer Report – this is more than just a report.  This is an advanced data-mining tool giving you access to vital and comprehensive sales, work-flow and management data in real-time.
  4. Ad Hoc Reporting Tool – allows the most novice user to write all manner of reports, giving you extreme flexibility in how you use R.I.M.S.
  5. Custom SQL Command Tool – allows a more experienced user to get any piece of information out of R.I.M.S.

Customizable Forms

R.I.M.S. comes with many forms you expect like ‘Work Order’, ‘Bill of Lading’, “Arrival Inspection’ and more.

Each of these is designed to fit the type of inventory being handled on a specific work order or type of inventory being handled.

Each of these can be customized to you specific needs.

Built-In Reports

R.I.M.S. has many built-in reports to access your data.  Each of these reports has varied selection options and output formats.

Reports include:

  • Inventory Report
    • Available
    • Summary
    • Detail with pending working orders optional
  • Inventory Information Reports
    • Information Report
    • Arrival Notice
    • Arrival Inspection
    • Release Inspection
  • Inventory Frequency Report
  • Loading Dispatch Reports
    • Summary
    • Activity
    • Loader Breakdown
  • Work Orders
    • Work Order Checking & Exceptions Report
    • Rate Recap Spreadsheet
    • Daily Rating Recap Report
    • Work Order and Inventory Batch Processing Report
    • Daily Batch Recap Report
  • Documents Not Scanned (Exception) Report
  • Batch Invoice Report
  • Invoices
  • Payer Invoice Distribution Report
  • Invoice Transfer Batch Report

Available Output formats include:

On-screen  Paper  PDF
Excel  Word  HTML
CSV  XML and more.

Top Customer Reporting

Top Customer Reporting is one of the most powerful data-mining features in R.I.M.S.  This feature allows for quick and easy data analysis of recent business, prior months, quarters, or years, and compares recent data to prior periods.

The results are a “Pivot” table or “Summary Sheet” of information, or just the raw data, pulled and compiled from work orders or invoices in the system – all done interactively and in real-time.  This information can be viewed on screen and exported to Excel.

Selection Criteria include:

  • Query Summary or Detail information from Invoices or Work Orders.
  • Date Range
  • One or more Inventory Types
  • Dry, Liquid, Gas
  • Handling and/or Storage
  • One or more Terminals
  • One or more Shippers
  • One or more Sales People
  • One or more Customer Regions
  • One or more Customer Representatives

Presentation Options Include:

  • Summary columns include Revenue, Work Count, Work Order and totals.
  • Detail columns include 30 key fields from the database that you can pick and choose.
  • Group Columns by: Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly and Terminal.
  • Group Rows by: Shipper, Terminal, Transaction Type, Sales Person, Customer Region, Customer Rep.
  • Include Prior Year(s) and include $ change and % change columns from prior year to present.

Ad Hoc Queries

R.I.M.S. has an ad hoc query tool that is very powerful, easy to use the quite versatile.  This is a 3rd party product call Stonefield Query that is fully integrated with R.I.M.S. and programmed to know the R.I.M.S. database from top to bottom.

We are a licensed reseller of Stonefield Query and you can find this excellent tool at

Custom SQL Command Tool

R.I.M.S. has a unique feature that allows you to create custom SQL Select commands and store these “queries” or “reports” in the database.  This requires a little programming skill and it is not for everyone.  However, our support staff are trained in its use and can easily provide these as needed.

This provided unrestricted access to all the data on the fly.  And the results of any report can be exported to Excel with the click of a button.

Additionally, our support desk finds it a useful tool to assist customers with a “report” they may need in a hurry and may only use once or twice.  Our support staff knows the R.I.M.S. database making this tool is easy for them to use.