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Setup and Table Maintenance

Customers/Company Entry

Customer Entry supports setup for Shippers, Payers, Consignees and Freight Payers.

  • Contacts
  • Alternate Payers for specific inventories and billing types.
  • Notes
  • Rate options for inventory type, storage/demurrage and orders.
  • Auto-rating options for handling charges.
  • Includes a comprehensive Audit Trial History to track user changes to each customer profile.
  • Assign sales rep. or customer rep. and region to each customer.
  • Cross-reference to:
  • Products
  • Work Order
  • Inventory
  • Invoices
  • Scanned Documents


Every product is tied to a specific shipper. Products can be duplicated (cloned) from one shipper to another.

  • Extensive fields define each product.
  • Notes
  • Hazardous information
  • Recipe Definition for Blending
  • Equipment and Instructions
  • Auto-rating with effective and expires date range, specific to transaction type, terminal, yard and consignee.
  • Attach MSDS scanned document to each product.
  • Work Order and Inventory History
  • Includes a comprehensive Audit Trial History to track user changes to each product profile.
  • Cross-references to Work Order History and Inventory.

Additional Setup Tables

R.I.M.S. is flexible to enable full control over all data. These additional setup, or look up tables, facilitate flexibility and building the database to be a custom fit for your needs.

  • Account Codes
  • Account Mapping
  • Activity Types
  • Auto-Rate Codes
  • Carriers
  • City
  • Container Types
  • Customer Regions
  • Customer Representatives
  • Departments
  • Drivers
  • Driver Pay Groups
  • Loaders
  • Order Types
  • Product Classes
  • Railroads
  • Revenue Codes
  • Revenue Groups
  • Sales Person
  • Storage/Demurrage Schedules
  • Terminals
  • Tractors
  • Trailers
  • Transaction Types
  • Units of Measure