The following speaks to many of the finer points of R.I.M.S., how it was built and how it works “under the hood”. There is nomenclature of a technical nature and this page is designed for consumption by individuals with a technical background.


R.I.M.S. is designed for use with Microsoft SQL Server 2008R2 of newer versions of Microsoft SQL Server. We do not support older versions. Depending on your requirements will dictate the licensing you choose – whether it is the Express, Standard or Enterprise edition – we support them all. And if you already own Microsoft SQL Server we can easily co-exist on the same server with other applications sharing the same SQL Server license.

The Database is Designed With the Following Features and Standards.

Highly Normalized database with easy to understand table names and field names. This database is easy to understand should your IT department want to make use of some third-party reporting tool like Crystal Reports.

Extensive use of indexes, foreign keys and referential integrity.

The multi-user aspects of R.I.M.S. are supported by a mechanism called semaphore record locking that is built into the database. This ensures data integrity and avoids collisions with two users working on the same record at the same time.


The web site requires hosting on an IIS server and is written using C# .NET.

The web site is integrated directly with the main R.I.M.S. database so all updates are in real-time. You change the inventory level or order status and your customer can see it directly. For security concerns the web site could be configured to use a replicated sub-set of the main R.I.M.S. database.

We also make extensive use of a third party development tool set call DevExpress. This gives us a much richer browser experience without a lot of time invested in developing robust user interface. DevExpress excels at robust user interface within the browser and we take full advantage of this.

The web site has been tested for all four major browsers – Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari and Chrome. We have no recommendation or preference as to a specific browser.


R.I.M.S. has been tested and works with Microsoft’s Remote Desktop (a.k.a. Terminal Server), Citrix and VMWare. All of these work well with our products and we don’t have a preference.


Cloud Hosting is a viable option for our solution and there are a myriad of hosting options and solutions in the marketplace.


We use Windows Authentication to gain access to the system.  Once in the system every user account can be setup to only have access to specific features, functions, reports, etc.

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