Zero Out Rolling Inventory Records.

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Sometimes when using RIMS to manage rolling inventory, small rounding errors can accumulate. This can lead to errors such as RIMS reporting $.01 charges to shippers that don’t have any inventory stored on location. Fortunately RIMS has a feature to fix these rounding errors when they happen. This feature is an “Adjustment Work Order”.

The instructions for creating an adjustment work order to zero out an inventory record are provided below. This process is very similar to entering a standard work order.

Here is the process for ZEROing out rolling inventory records.
2. In the opened window select ADD. (towards the bottom of the window)
3. In the new work order set the TRANS. TYPE to either WADJ or RADJ (Warehouse adjustment or Railcar Adjustment) depending on the inventory type you are trying to ZERO out.
4. Set the TERMINAL and SHIPPER to the terminal and shipper of the inventory record you are trying to ZERO out.
5. Set the ADJUSTMENT TAKEN DATES to a date BEFORE the current billing cycle, (so that the changes will reflect on the current billing cycle).
6. SAVE the work order.
7. Go to the PRODUCTS & INVENTORY tab. (top of the window)
8. ADD the product that is used in the inventory record.
9. LEAVE the product order weight/amount as ZERO
10. ADD the inventory record you are trying to ZERO to the work order
11. SET the ordered INVENTORY weight and BF/SF/Gal to the OPPOSITE of the value displayed on the inventory screen. (Example, if the inventory screen shows and ENDING WEIGHT of 3, set the ordered weight to -3.)
12. SAVE the work order.
13. POST the adjustment work order and make sure that ACTUAL = ORDERED.
14. (Optional) You can RATE the work-order by adding a new RATE and setting the rate = 0.

At this point the inventory record should be ZERO’d out.

Doug Barlow


*NOTE* There are plans to implement an automated feature that zero-outs inventory records automatically. This thread will be updated when that is available.

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