Frequently Asked Questions

What is R.I.M.S.?

R.I.M.S. is The Railcar Inventory Management System, a system written specifically for the Transloading industry.

Why do I need R.I.M.S.?

Do you have trouble managing your customer’s inventory and filling their needs? Does it take you longer than it should to manage inventory and fill orders?

Then you should consider using R.I.M.S. to manage all your inventory and work order requirements.

Who uses R.I.M.S.?

R.I.M.S. is scalable and used by small to medium businesses whose principle business is transloading bulk commodities.  Advanced Technology Innovations, the creators of R.I.M.S., have other products in use by small, medium and large private companies, and government agencies.

Does R.I.M.S. handle multiple types inventories?

R.I.M.S. handles several types of inventories including, railcar, boxcar, warehouse, tank/silo and container.

Does R.I.M.S. handle hazardous materials?

Yes, hazardous and non-hazardous materials alike.

Can R.I.M.S. be customized to meet my specific needs?

Yes, there are several ways to extend and customize R.I.M.S. without deviating from the core application.  Any customization gets incorporated into the core product so that every customer remains on the upgrade path and benefits from every new version.  Inquire with our software engineers on our Consulting Services page.