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A Great Mix Of Business, Technical Development, And Project Management

Mr. Arthur Villa and his key technical resources of Frank Marafino and Larry Lichtman were able to quickly identify bottleneck areas of our internal event processing and offer solutions that ultimately streamlined processing time and increased our tracking abilities. I was impressed with Mr. Villa’s communication skills.

The Time Was Reduced By 20 Hours Per Month

The project we contracted ATI to do involved automating the presentation of our invoices into an electronic format. Electro Rent’s billing department would spend 80-100 hours per month creating Excel invoices for electronic transmission to 300 of our largest customers. ATI automated this process to where the time spent was reduced down to approximately 20 hours each month.

Dependability, Creativity, Consistency And Performance

Frank Marafino has been associated with our company since 1998 in regards to selection of programs suited to our temporary employment business. This includes selections of general ledgers and the setup of those programs. The interface needed between the temporary payroll systems used and the general ledger system selected.

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