Our Productivity has Increased

“Within the short amount of time that our database has been implemented our company has experienced a noticeable increase in sales, production, and customer service response. Our productivity has increased such that the database has alleviated the need for us to hire two additional employees.  We are very satisfied with the database application and have experienced little to no problems thus far.

We look forward to using your company for our future expansions, and thank you again for all of your expertise and efforts.”

Very Thorough and Professional

“ATI, including Frank Marafino and his staff, have completed several projects for us. They updated old programs and created entirely new applications.

We found their approach to be very thorough and professional. They make a point of clearly defining the project goals and expectations.

Our opinion is that they have a highly competent staff. These individuals are familiar with newest technologies for rapid development of a sophisticated user interface.

Our experience was that the completed projects were delivered on time, tested and debugged and within the original budget.

I would hire them again for any project that required programming of a similar nature.”

The Upgrade is Working Perfectly

“I have used many different vendors for programming and I appreciate the fact that you gave me a price and time frame and stuck to it. In addition the upgrade you did is working perfectly.

It was a pleasure working with you and I hope to do more in the future.”

It has Been a Pleasure Working with ATI

“Bob M. Cohen & Assoc. Law Corporation (Cohen & Associates) has specialized in personal injury cases over the past seventeen (17) years. During this time, the firm had developed a need to update and modernize our computer software system due to increase in client case load and new technology. Through the recommendations of some industry professionals, Cohen & Associates retained the services of ATI to help our company develop a computer system which would enable our company to run smoothly and efficiently and to increase productivity.

ATI made correct assessments of what was needed with our system and they responded with accurate and timely resolutions. ATI exhibited professionalism in working with our firm and delivered prompt and courteous service in addressing our software requirements. On several occasions, when emergency situations arose, ATI responded with immediate service.

It has been a pleasure working with ATI. We would, without hesitation, refer future prospective clients to ATI for their custom software and support needs.”

A Great Mix of Business, Technical Development, and Project Management

“Mr. Arthur Villa and his key technical resources of Frank Marafino and Larry Lichtman were able to quickly identify bottleneck areas of our internal event processing and offer solutions that ultimately streamlined processing time and increased our tracking abilities. I was impressed with Mr. Villa’s communication skills. He set up regular status meetings where we reviewed new functionality, identified new opportunities for automation, and discussed priorities such that our project was always moving in a direction that had the most immediate positive impact to our department. He also went out of his way to make sure that non-meeting communications were communicated in a timely manner.

Art Villa provided a great mix of business, technical development, and project management experience during the 4-5 year period of time that he was involved with our projects.”

Service Oriented and Very Responsive

“Over the last six months, Frank Marafino has been instrumental in our re-creation and implementation of our computer system here at Great West Produce. Mr. Marafino has effectively re-written our internal automation system. The core components of the system are based on design concepts conceived by Art Villa and his associates at a former company.

While successfully replacing our old system, Mr. Marafino has added new functionality to almost every part of the new system with several new components or sub-systems. These new components automate business processes that previously required significant man hours to handle via paper systems. This has resulted in an increase in the usefulness and effectiveness of our automation efforts and has had a positive impact on the company’s bottom line.

Over the course of the project, Mr. Marafino has repeatedly demonstrated excellence in understanding our business and turning that understanding into concise, computerized solutions. This ability was part of why we chose Mr. Marafino to solve our automation needs.

Mr. Marafino is service oriented and very responsive whenever we have a support issue, question, or request. He makes himself very accessible to us within our workday of 5:00am to 12:00pm for meetings, support, and updates to our system.

We plan on continuing to see Mr. Marafino to complete all of our automation needs.”

The Time Was Reduced by 20 Hours Per Month

“The project we contracted ATI to do involved automating the presentation of our invoices into an electronic format. Electro Rent’s billing department would spend 80-100 hours per month creating Excel invoices for electronic transmission to 300 of our largest customers. ATI automated this process to where the time spent was reduced down to approximately 20 hours each month.

Initially, we went into this project with some reluctance having done most of our automation in-house. However, we were very pleased with the results. Frank Marafino of ATI came in and understood what we were trying to accomplish and knew exactly how they were going to accomplish it. They immediately demonstrated an understanding of our business and our automation needs.

We were given a general cost estimate which ATI was able to meet, and a time frame for delivery was met. The system has run with very minimal problems for almost 3 years. In a couple of instances where support was needed, ATI responded quickly to resolve the issue.”

I Could Not Run Our Company Without It

“I have been working with ATI and Frank Marafino on a regular basis since 2001.

From the onset I appreciated Frank’s “can do” attitude. He bailed me out of a software problem I was having when no one else could. He came to my office, opened his laptop, and before I knew it he was repairing an old program that we were stuck with.

Since then, Frank and ATI have written and perfected a major order entry, tracking and accounting program that now runs my entire business. Our “carpet management” software is a state of the art program and I could not run our company without it.

Frank’s ability to grasp exactly what we wanted and to make the program work to OUR needs had made me a believer in ATI. Frank and ATI have always been there for us and they are only a phone call away. We have called on them day and night and they have always responded quickly.

I would recommend ATI for any of your computer needs.”

Dependability, Creativity, Consistency and Performance

“Frank Marafino has been associated with our company since 1998 in regards to selection of programs suited to our temporary employment business. This includes selections of general ledgers and the setup of those programs. The interface needed between the temporary payroll systems used and the general ledger system selected. As these systems changed through the years he was the one we relied upon to setup the general ledgers and the interfaces required.

He also has been instrumental in creating a scanning and storage system with which without would have been impossible for our business to grow, as the work load to do those procedures manually would have been prohibitive.

If you are looking for dependability, creativity, consistency and performance in the results, Frank Marafino and his company are the perfect solution.”