A Great Mix Of Business, Technical Development, And Project Management

“Mr. Arthur Villa and his key technical resources of Frank Marafino and Larry Lichtman were able to quickly identify bottleneck areas of our internal event processing and offer solutions that ultimately streamlined processing time and increased our tracking abilities. I was impressed with Mr. Villa’s communication skills. He set up regular status meetings where we reviewed new functionality, identified new opportunities for automation, and discussed priorities such that our project was always moving in a direction that had the most immediate positive impact to our department. He also went out of his way to make sure that non-meeting communications were communicated in a timely manner. Art Villa provided a great mix of business, technical development, and project management experience during the 4-5 year period of time that he was involved with our projects.”

Pamela Bernier, Senior Business Analyst
Energy Resource Center of the Southern California Gas Company
June 2001
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