Liquids Transloading Ltd. (LTL), has been doing business with Advance Technology Innovations

Liquids Transloading Ltd. (LTL), has been doing business with AdvanceTechnology Innovations (ATI) and using RIMS, since 2012. We had been searching for an inventory management system for some time, but there wasnot a program specific to transloading.

We worked with the team at ATI, and with their extensive knowledge of programming and transloading, we were able to customize RIMS specificly to meet our needs. All the training and implementation was done remotely and due to Frank’s expertise and dedication, it was a smooth transition. ATI was and is always available to answer questions, troubleshoot or to further enhance the program whether it’s during work hours, after hours or on weekends. When we implemented the program in April 2014, we saw an immediate benefit in managing our inventory and processing our day-to-day transloading activities. After implementation, we further integrated RIMS into our accounting program. The result was a significant reduction in
work load.

RIMS has become an integral part of the company, tracking all of our transloading activities and providing us with up-to-date accurate inventory. With RIMS integrated into our accounting program, we are more efficient as we are not duplicating data entry. We highly recommend RIMS.

The team at ATI are true professionals and it has been a pleasure to work with them over the past many years.

Sandy March, Operations Manager
Liquids Transloading Ltd. (LTL)
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