QuickBooks interface with RIMS has reduced our invoicing

QuickBooks interface with RIMS has reduced our invoicing to half the time we were spending trying to bill our customers. Before RIMS each PO or delivery required a hand typed Bill of Lading in a Word document. Once the material shipped we then had to enter the complete Bill of Lading into QuickBooks for invoicing to update our inventory counts. Now once an order is entered into RIMS we are able to run reports for our customers on inventory committed and inventory available.

Inventory was a nightmare. Always guessing and hoping a truck would not show up needing material we did not have in stock. Now after using RIMS software we able to give our customers real time inventory reports, helping them to know whether they can meet their customer’s needs.

Before RIMS our monthly storage billing would take a day or more to calculate the number of units billable for storage. The inventory reports were run along with the inventory activity for the month. After determining the number of billable units we then invoiced through QuickBooks.Now with RIMS we go into Work Order and Inventory Batch Processing, enter in the date for the month along with the customer’s name.RIMS provides a batch detail report of billable material along with the invoice in a minute.

Not only has our production increased but our employees are much more confident in CTD’s ability to meet our customer’s needs. We know what is in stock and no longer worry about whether we are shipping out material promised to another customer.

Ramona LaFavers
Cresson Transmodal & Distribution

Ramona LaFavers,
Cresson Transmodal & Distribution
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