Service Oriented And Very Responsive

“Over the last six months, Frank Marafino has been instrumental in our re-creation and implementation of our computer system here at Great West Produce. Mr. Marafino has effectively re-written our internal automation system. The core components of the system are based on design concepts conceived by Art Villa and his associates at a former company. While successfully replacing our old system, Mr. Marafino has added new functionality to almost every part of the new system with several new components or sub-systems. These new components automate business processes that previously required significant man hours to handle via paper systems. This has resulted in an increase in the usefulness and effectiveness of our automation efforts and has had a positive impact on the company’s bottom line. Over the course of the project, Mr. Marafino has repeatedly demonstrated excellence in understanding our business and turning that understanding into concise, computerized solutions. This ability was part of why we chose Mr. Marafino to solve our automation needs. Mr. Marafino is service oriented and very responsive whenever we have a support issue, question, or request. He makes himself very accessible to us within our workday of 5:00am to 12:00pm for meetings, support, and updates to our system. We plan on continuing to see Mr. Marafino to complete all of our automation needs.”

Paul Villa, Owner
Great West Produce
July 2001
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