The Time Was Reduced By 20 Hours Per Month

“The project we contracted ATI to do involved automating the presentation of our invoices into an electronic format. Electro Rent’s billing department would spend 80-100 hours per month creating Excel invoices for electronic transmission to 300 of our largest customers. ATI automated this process to where the time spent was reduced down to approximately 20 hours each month. Initially, we went into this project with some reluctance having done most of our automation in-house. However, we were very pleased with the results. Frank Marafino of ATI came in and understood what we were trying to accomplish and knew exactly how they were going to accomplish it. They immediately demonstrated an understanding of our business and our automation needs. We were given a general cost estimate which ATI was able to meet, and a time frame for delivery was met. The system has run with very minimal problems for almost 3 years. In a couple of instances where support was needed, ATI responded quickly to resolve the issue.”

Meryl Evans, Manager, Information Services
Electro Rent
November 2001
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