Ventura Transfer Company has been in the transloading business for decades

Ventura Transfer Company has been in the transloading business for decades. In 1997, we started working with Advanced Technology Innovations, Inc. (ATI). Since then, ATI has been pivotal in meeting our automation needs.

At the core of this automation is their Railcar Inventory Management System(RIMS), a comprehensive, diverse and flexible software system built specifically for transloaders like ourselves.

RIMS has been expanded to meet our growing isotainer business needs. Were it not for RIMS automation we would have difficulty managing the the growth and maintaining our high level of customer service.

RIMS gives us complete automation for all our inventory needs, order processing, transportation, customer service and reporting, along with mobile apps for our yard staff and truck drivers

RIMS pays for itself every day. Business expands and we are able to do more with the same staff because the automation continues to make our jobs easier and transitions with the ever-changing transloading landscape. This all has a positive impact on our financial viability, competitiveness, customer service, while enhancing the work experience for our staff. The right tools for the job always make the job easier and RIMS IS THE RIGHT TOOL FOR TRANSLOADERS.

ATI provides us with excellent support and they continue to enhance RIMS to meet our growing and ever-changing business needs. They provide excellent service and support. We are pleased with RIMS and happy to have ATI as part of our team.

Ed Dahms, Systems Manager
Ventura Transfer Company
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