We knew we needed something to replace our current automation

We knew we needed something to replace our current automation. Our current vendor was consistently coming up short and not responding to our needs. If we were to grow the business without significantly increase staff hour managing inventories, compiling bills and meeting our customer’s reporting requirements we knew it was time for a change.

We found Railcar Inventory Management System (RIMS) from Advanced Technology Innovations (ATI). We did our due diligence and carefully assessed RIMS where our wants and needs were concerned. Two days with ATI in our offices reviewing RIMS proved to us that RIMS was built for our industry and could meet our needs.

Since implementing RIMS in 2018 we have been very pleased with the results. Recently, a class 1 Railroad came to use with a new and unusual request for billing demurrage based on spot allocation. ATI was able to add this to RIMS making it easy to track and bill this, whereas it would have been a nightmare to manage without automation.

In summary, RIMS have been very cost effective for us to implement. We get excellent results for our customers and are doing more with less effort because we have excellent automation. RIMS has provided is with a significant Return on Investment, and we are very pleased.

ATI provides us with excellent support and ATI continues to enhance RIMS to meet our ever-shifting business requirements. ATI has an excellent product in RIMS and is very responsive to our needs. It is our pleasure to work with ATI.

Ray Nixon, Director

Ray Nixon, Director
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