Weight Factor Outside Acceptable Range

This error appears when trying to save an inventory item or work order with a weight factor that is outside of the range allowed in the settings. This is to avoid typo’s and mistakes when product weight is entered. There are three potential fixes for this error.

First verify selected weight is correct. If not, correct the weight, (the correct weight will likely be closer to the base product weight and so will be within the acceptable range.

If this does not correct the issue, then check the base weight factor of the product. If the weight factor of the product is inaccurate, it will create an inaccurate “Acceptable Range”.

Finally if this does not resolve the issue, the size of the range can be adjusted by configuring system settings. This is achieved by navigating to “Admin” >> “System Configuration & Setup”

The two fields that need to be configured are “INVENTORYWTFACTORRANGE” and “WORKORDERWTFACTORRANGE” By increasing value in the “Number” field you can increase the percentage range of allowable weight factor values. (5 allows for a +-5% difference between product base weight factor and inventory/WO weight factors.

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